Hot water systems for camping

Summer holidays are approaching – time to start planning your next camping trip!

Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your Luxline Portable 8 while camping:

Get the Right Accessories

Make sure you’ve got all the accessories you need before you head out on your great adventure. We suggest:

Shower Stand

Hot Water Systems for Camping 2Sold as an optional accessory, the shower stand is easy to dismantle and pack up. It’s great because it frees up your hands – without it you’d have to hold onto the shower head.

Please note that this stand works best when connected to a mains water supply, as it requires significant water pressure.

Shower Tent

A shower tent will make your outdoor showering experience that much more comfortable! Not only will it provide more privacy, it will keep you warm.

Water Pump

The standard 4.3L pump that is included with your Luxline Portable 8 will provide enough water pressure for a shower. However there are particular situations where more water pressure is required. More info about pumps can be found in our article: Choosing the right type of caravan water pump.

Stretchy Hose

Stretching from 2.5m to 7.5m, this hose provides added range and mobility. It’s really useful when you are connecting your Luxline hot water system to a mains water supply, such as a tap at a caravan park.

The stretchy hose is great for camping because it’s much more compact and light than a regular hose.

Hot Water Systems for Camping

Meanwhile, it’s also a useful investment if you ever want to use your hot water system for dog washing.

Test Before You Leave Home

One of the most important things that novice campers often forget is that you should always test out your gear before you leave! You don’t want to wait until you’re out in the middle of nowhere to discover that your gas tank is empty, for instance.

Research Where You’re Going

Different camping scenarios will require different equipment. For instance, if you’re staying at a caravan park with access to mains water, you won’t need to pack your own. And if you’re planning to use a river or creek as your water source, you’ll need to make sure that you pack a water filter to prevent damage to your hot water system.

Make Sure You’ve Got Enough Water

This is the most important consideration in any camping situation. If you are heading out to the bush in your 4WD, you will need to pack enough water not just for showering, but for drinking. You need water to live!

Buy Hot Water Systems for Camping

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Uses for a portable instant hot water system

A portable instant hot water system makes it possible to enjoy a hot shower just about anywhere – from the outback to the beach.

Here are some of the top uses for a Luxline Portable 8:


Narawntapu National Park - Paddy Pallin

Planning to take the family on a camping adventure? A Luxline hot water system will make your trip infinitely more comfortable. No more having to deal with public showers! No more freezing cold water on winter mornings!

Provided you have access to a water supply, you can shower for as long as you like. Now that’s what we call luxury!

Mobile dog washing

portable instant hot water 1

Many customers have bought a portable instant hot water system from us for mobile dog washing. Because the Luxline is easy to carry and can be set up in a matter of minutes, it’s ideal for this purpose.

Your pets will appreciate the warm water – plus it’s more effective for dirt removal.

Horse washing

portable instant hot water 3

If you own horses, you can use your Luxline to create a mobile horse washing station. As mentioned above, warm water is much better for washing away dirt and oil.

Plus it will make your horse happy. 🙂

Outdoor pool shower

portable instant hot water 4

You could use your Luxline as an outdoor shower beside your pool area – so you don’t have to drip chlorine through your house after you’ve had a swim.

Get portable instant hot water today!

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