Portable hot water system mounting options

The Luxline portable hot water system can be temporarily mounted just about anywhere.

Here are some of the mounting options you can consider:

1. Handle mounting

A standout feature of the Luxline Portable 8 is its easy-carry handle:

portable hot water system

The handle has two benefits:

1. It’s easy to pick up and move
2. You can hand the unit over a (non-flammable) door handle or hook

The other advantage of this handle design is it can be hung from two hooks. This provides additional stability. The handle is also quite large, which sets the Luxline apart from its competitors.

2. Semi-permanent mounting to a wall

In this image, you’ll be able to see the mounting holes at the back of the Luxline unit:

portable hot water system

These make it possible to sink a couple of bolts into a wall, or the side of your caravan. Then you can just slip the Hot Water System onto the bolts.

Included with the Luxline Hot Water System is a free mounting kit, containing the following:

portable hot water system

You will notice that two smaller screws have been provided, which can be used to doubly secure the unit to a wall by its bottom corners. This is a particularly handy option to have if you have kids, as it prevents the unit from being accidentally lifted away from the wall while in use.

Things to consider

Remember to please read the instruction manual in full before you mount your Luxline Portable 8. This unit is only designed for temporary mounting applications and should not be permanently affixed. Please also note that the unit is not rain proof, so you should remove it from the side of your caravan after you’ve finished using it to prevent rain damage.

Questions about your portable hot water system?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about mounting your Luxline Portable 8. We’re always happy to help.