Aqua Cube vs Luxline – What’s the Difference?

Today we’re going to compare the Luxline Portable 8 with the Companion Aqua Cube Logic Portable Hot Water System.

Aqua Cube vs Luxline: How They’re Similar

Let’s start by looking at the similarities:

  • Both units are fully portable
  • Both units will reliably heat water for showers
  • Both feature a safety cut-out at 50°C

Basically, both units are suitable for taking with you on a camping trip to heat water for showering. However there are some key differences between the two which we’ll look at now…

Aqua Cube vs Luxline: How They’re Different

1. Battery lifespan

One of the biggest differences between the two units is the lifespan of the battery. While the Aqua Cube is limited to 8 x 5 minute showers, the Luxline unit is good for approximately 150-200 starts. With the Luxline, you can basically keep showering indefinitely, provided you’ve enough water and gas.

2. Gas supply

The Aqua Cube is designed to be used with gas canisters, which limits the amount of hot water they can produce. (Although you can buy a separate gas hose to use with a 9kg gas bottle). The Luxline, meanwhile, is only designed to be used with a 9kg gas bottle – there is no need to buy an additional hose.

3. Water flow

Another difference between the units is water flow: the Aqua Cube can be adjusted between 2.5 and 4.5 litres per minute, whereas the Luxline can be adjusted from a minimum of 2.5 litres per minute up to a maximum of 8 litres per minute.

So basically, the Luxline gives you more options. If you only have a limited supply of water, you can adjust the flow down to 2.5L/min for maximum efficiency. However if you are connected to a mains water supply, you can adjust the flow up to 8L/min to enjoy a full shower.

(To put this in perspective, a normal shower within the home operates at around 9L/min).

Because the Luxline goes up to 8L/min, it’s also suitable for other applications, such as horse washing or dog washing.

4. Water supply

The Aqua Cube cannot be connected to a mains water supply (such as a garden tap at a caravan park). This is a major drawback, for two reasons:

  • Your showers will be limited by your water supply
  • The water pressure will only reach 3L/minute – which is not very strong

Conversely, the Luxline can used with either a bucket, a Jerrycan, or a creek or river – or it can be connected to a mains water supply. Thus it is more versatile.

5. Hot water spigot

If you want to wash your dishes while you’re away camping, the Aqua Cube comes with a hot water spigot for such a purpose. Although it should be pointed out that water from this tap cannot be used for human consumption, so you won’t be able to use it to make a tea or coffee.

6. Water temperature

This is another point of major difference. The Aqua Cube will produce hot water at around 33°C, which is good for a warm shower. However if you want the temperature to reach 50°C, you will need to recirculate the water – which means feeding the water that’s already been heated back into the unit. This limits the applications of this water quite drastically, as you run the risk of feeding dirty water into your hot water unit.

7. Unit design

Both the Aqua Cube and the Luxline are stylishly designed, and appropriate for camping trips.

One advantage the Aqua Cube has is that it can be placed directly on the ground, or on top of a table.

However, unlike the Luxline, the Aqua Cube cannot be mounted to a wall or the side of your caravan, and it cannot be hung over a hook or a door handle.

luxline vs aqua cube

8. Price

Finally, we reach the bottom line – and that is, the Luxline is better value. Enough said!

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Hot water systems for camping

Summer holidays are approaching – time to start planning your next camping trip!

Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your Luxline Portable 8 while camping:

Get the Right Accessories

Make sure you’ve got all the accessories you need before you head out on your great adventure. We suggest:

Shower Stand

Hot Water Systems for Camping 2Sold as an optional accessory, the shower stand is easy to dismantle and pack up. It’s great because it frees up your hands – without it you’d have to hold onto the shower head.

Please note that this stand works best when connected to a mains water supply, as it requires significant water pressure.

Shower Tent

A shower tent will make your outdoor showering experience that much more comfortable! Not only will it provide more privacy, it will keep you warm.

Water Pump

The standard 4.3L pump that is included with your Luxline Portable 8 will provide enough water pressure for a shower. However there are particular situations where more water pressure is required. More info about pumps can be found in our article: Choosing the right type of caravan water pump.

Stretchy Hose

Stretching from 2.5m to 7.5m, this hose provides added range and mobility. It’s really useful when you are connecting your Luxline hot water system to a mains water supply, such as a tap at a caravan park.

The stretchy hose is great for camping because it’s much more compact and light than a regular hose.

Hot Water Systems for Camping

Meanwhile, it’s also a useful investment if you ever want to use your hot water system for dog washing.

Test Before You Leave Home

One of the most important things that novice campers often forget is that you should always test out your gear before you leave! You don’t want to wait until you’re out in the middle of nowhere to discover that your gas tank is empty, for instance.

Research Where You’re Going

Different camping scenarios will require different equipment. For instance, if you’re staying at a caravan park with access to mains water, you won’t need to pack your own. And if you’re planning to use a river or creek as your water source, you’ll need to make sure that you pack a water filter to prevent damage to your hot water system.

Make Sure You’ve Got Enough Water

This is the most important consideration in any camping situation. If you are heading out to the bush in your 4WD, you will need to pack enough water not just for showering, but for drinking. You need water to live!

Buy Hot Water Systems for Camping

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Uses for a portable instant hot water system

A portable instant hot water system makes it possible to enjoy a hot shower just about anywhere – from the outback to the beach.

Here are some of the top uses for a Luxline Portable 8:


Narawntapu National Park - Paddy Pallin

Planning to take the family on a camping adventure? A Luxline hot water system will make your trip infinitely more comfortable. No more having to deal with public showers! No more freezing cold water on winter mornings!

Provided you have access to a water supply, you can shower for as long as you like. Now that’s what we call luxury!

Mobile dog washing

portable instant hot water 1

Many customers have bought a portable instant hot water system from us for mobile dog washing. Because the Luxline is easy to carry and can be set up in a matter of minutes, it’s ideal for this purpose.

Your pets will appreciate the warm water – plus it’s more effective for dirt removal.

Horse washing

portable instant hot water 3

If you own horses, you can use your Luxline to create a mobile horse washing station. As mentioned above, warm water is much better for washing away dirt and oil.

Plus it will make your horse happy. 🙂

Outdoor pool shower

portable instant hot water 4

You could use your Luxline as an outdoor shower beside your pool area – so you don’t have to drip chlorine through your house after you’ve had a swim.

Get portable instant hot water today!

Browse our online shop for portable hot water systems and accessories.

Portable hot water system mounting options

The Luxline portable hot water system can be temporarily mounted just about anywhere.

Here are some of the mounting options you can consider:

1. Handle mounting

A standout feature of the Luxline Portable 8 is its easy-carry handle:

portable hot water system

The handle has two benefits:

1. It’s easy to pick up and move
2. You can hand the unit over a (non-flammable) door handle or hook

The other advantage of this handle design is it can be hung from two hooks. This provides additional stability. The handle is also quite large, which sets the Luxline apart from its competitors.

2. Semi-permanent mounting to a wall

In this image, you’ll be able to see the mounting holes at the back of the Luxline unit:

portable hot water system

These make it possible to sink a couple of bolts into a wall, or the side of your caravan. Then you can just slip the Hot Water System onto the bolts.

Included with the Luxline Hot Water System is a free mounting kit, containing the following:

portable hot water system

You will notice that two smaller screws have been provided, which can be used to doubly secure the unit to a wall by its bottom corners. This is a particularly handy option to have if you have kids, as it prevents the unit from being accidentally lifted away from the wall while in use.

Things to consider

Remember to please read the instruction manual in full before you mount your Luxline Portable 8. This unit is only designed for temporary mounting applications and should not be permanently affixed. Please also note that the unit is not rain proof, so you should remove it from the side of your caravan after you’ve finished using it to prevent rain damage.

Questions about your portable hot water system?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about mounting your Luxline Portable 8. We’re always happy to help.

Safety features of the Luxline portable instant hot water heater

The Luxline Portable 8 has many inbuilt safety features to provide total peace of mind.

Our portable instant hot water heater systems are superior to others on the market, for a number of reasons:

Temperature Safety Sensor

All Luxline units have an inbuilt temperature sensor that automatically switches off the burners if the water temperature exceeds 50°C. This important feature ensures that you will never get scalded by water that is too hot. (This is compliant with current legislation, as outline on the NSW Fairtrading website).

Flame Failure Device

This means that the unit will automatically switch off the flow of gas if the flame is extinguished. Thus you don’t need to worry about gas leaks.

portable instant hot water heater

Battery-Powered Ignition

The Luxline 8 relies on battery-powered ignition, so it does not need to be connected to mains electricity. The benefit is it can be operated in remote locations and in blackouts.

Fully Certified

The Luxline Portable 8 is fully certified to the Australian Standard AS2658 – Portable Gas Hot Water System.

portable instant hot water heater

Luxline Portable Instant Hot Water Heater Systems: a Safe Choice

For more information, head on over to our FAQ page. You can also ask a question directly by contacting us.

Choosing the right type of caravan water pump

Before we get into this, let’s get the ball rolling by asking:

Why should I buy a caravan water pump?

You’ll need a pump to use with your Luxline Portable 8 Hot Water System when you are away from a mains water supply. (The most common scenario is a camping trip).

If you buy a Luxline, a 4.3L water pump will be included FREE with your purchase! It will look a little something like this:

caravan water pump

Neat, huh? 🙂

Now we’re going to have a look at the different types of water pump that are currently available on the market. We’ve made the choice easy for you by pairing your water pump choices with three scenarios:

1. No access to mains water, limited stored water

So you’re headed out to the wilderness and you only have room in your 4WD for a limited supply of water. In this scenario we suggest a 4.3L water pump (such as the one supplied with the Luxline Portable 8) because it is the most water efficient. (Information about water efficiency can be found at the WELS website).

While it won’t have the same water pressure as a normal shower, it will still work. So it’s perfect for situations where you want to rid your body of mud, but don’t want to use up all your water and subsequently die of thirst.

2. No access to mains water, plentiful water supply

An 8L water pump is ideal for fishing trips, or camping expeditions where you know you’ll have access to large amounts of clean water. This pump will produce 8 litres of water per minute, giving you a full and satisfying shower experience.

Please note however that if you are planning to use water from a river or creek, you will need to purchase a filter to keep sediment and sludge out of your Luxline Portable 8. The warranty will be voided if you don’t filter the water supply.

3. No access to mains water, plentiful water supply, multiple applications

A 12L water pump is the largest you can get, and it is only necessary if you’re planning to run more than one appliance at once. An example could be that you want to have a shower using your Luxline Portable 8 while simultaneously running a portable washing machine.

Another situation in which a 12L pump is required is if you’re running the water hose over a long distance. But really, these situations are uncommon, and as such we don’t usually recommend this size of pump.

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